Friday, October 26, 2012

happy halloween.

tonight we had a haloween party. it was pretty neat. Esther wanted to be a black cat. Leah was an "ancient mummy" and Ruth would not change her clothes. she is going through a phase right now. she wears only about three dresses. and she wears whatever she has on for DAYS. I have to pry them off when they get creepy, adn console her with another one of her approved dresses. when I was getting everyone ready tonight she said. "I do'(n't) want to change my clothes." and that was it. so she wore her black, white, red dress with plaid and scotty dogs. it is getting dirty. such sweet girls. they were so happy to get candy, and so sweet when I told them that they needed to give it to me to put away. I love my beutiful girls.

Esther has always seemed to be older than she is. she loves and helpes me take care of her sisters. she tries so hard to please her teachers. I hope I am not too hard on her. she helps clean usually without complaint, and sometimes without being asked. I love to have her help. Esther really works hard for approval. she really wants to play violin. I am trying to be a teacher, but I need to work on it. Esther is so responsible more so than other kids. she works so hard to remember things people ask her to do.

Leah is so sweet. she loves "squshy hugs" (tight ones) and kisses. although today when I kissed her goodnight, she informed me that she only accepts kisses on saturday. I am working right now on how to be genttle with Leah. she needs to know she is special, and loved. I hope I can give that to her. I want to give Leah music. Leah loves to tell stories. she is so imaginative.

Ruth is so snuggley she askes for "nuggles"  every day. she loves to lay next to me on the couch. i wonder when she will get too big for it, or too squirmy for me to stand it. Ruth loves music. she "sings" in church. she makes lots of noise during the song with an occational word she hears from us. and she loves she'll be commin' round the mountain. it has been fun to spend so much time with her when the other girls are at school.