Thursday, December 6, 2012

the other day I was sweeping and Esther kept messing up my piles. I said "stop messing up  my piles" and she replied "I cant help it if your piles keep getting to close to my feet!" (; she's clever.

Friday, October 26, 2012

happy halloween.

tonight we had a haloween party. it was pretty neat. Esther wanted to be a black cat. Leah was an "ancient mummy" and Ruth would not change her clothes. she is going through a phase right now. she wears only about three dresses. and she wears whatever she has on for DAYS. I have to pry them off when they get creepy, adn console her with another one of her approved dresses. when I was getting everyone ready tonight she said. "I do'(n't) want to change my clothes." and that was it. so she wore her black, white, red dress with plaid and scotty dogs. it is getting dirty. such sweet girls. they were so happy to get candy, and so sweet when I told them that they needed to give it to me to put away. I love my beutiful girls.

Esther has always seemed to be older than she is. she loves and helpes me take care of her sisters. she tries so hard to please her teachers. I hope I am not too hard on her. she helps clean usually without complaint, and sometimes without being asked. I love to have her help. Esther really works hard for approval. she really wants to play violin. I am trying to be a teacher, but I need to work on it. Esther is so responsible more so than other kids. she works so hard to remember things people ask her to do.

Leah is so sweet. she loves "squshy hugs" (tight ones) and kisses. although today when I kissed her goodnight, she informed me that she only accepts kisses on saturday. I am working right now on how to be genttle with Leah. she needs to know she is special, and loved. I hope I can give that to her. I want to give Leah music. Leah loves to tell stories. she is so imaginative.

Ruth is so snuggley she askes for "nuggles"  every day. she loves to lay next to me on the couch. i wonder when she will get too big for it, or too squirmy for me to stand it. Ruth loves music. she "sings" in church. she makes lots of noise during the song with an occational word she hears from us. and she loves she'll be commin' round the mountain. it has been fun to spend so much time with her when the other girls are at school.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

when you were born

when I was pregnant with you we moved towards the end. I was about 8 mos. pregnant. due to health insurance being "pending" we ended up going to a doctor who was pretty far away. (about an hour bus ride) the first time I went I rode the bus. I got off too early. I had Esther with me who was almost 2 years old. we had to cross a huge bridge in downtown St. Paul and walk for a while. it started raining. I prayed in desperation that someone would notice me. and within a minute a very kind woman pulled up beside me in her car and offered to help me find where I was going. she knew about the clinic I was going to, and brought us strait there. and about half way through the appointment she showed up and brought me and Esther jackets, and some fresh clothes for Esther. It was a wonderful reminder that God is truly mindful of us.

the day you were born I woke up feeling uncomfortable early in the morning. your dad and I watched the movie "clue" and I sat on an exercise ball. I was amazed at how much easier it was than the first time. we eventually decided to go to the hospital. you were born in regions hospital in st.Paul MN it was the first hospital to do a quadruple bypass surgery laproscopically. it is one of the premier hospitals in the country.

when I arrived they recommended that I go for a walk inside the hospital before I settled down in a bed. so we did. we went to the gift shop and ate some mentos. there was a janitor who was encouraging me every time I walked by with thumbs up and telling me that he was very happy for me. it is neat when people are so positive.

as I walked it became harder and harder, so I returned to the labor and delivery part of the hospital. I asked for drugs, I went with something a little milder expecting a short labor. Your dad and I talked, and took it easy for a while. things slowed down a bit. then my water broke, and things happened quickly. the rest was rather uneventful for labor I did not really have to push much, and it was quick. right after I had you they held you up for me to see, and the first thing you did was stick out your bottom lip in a huge adorable pout, and it trembled. in that second I wanted to hold and love you. you then let out a very sad cry, and I snuggled you and you calmed down.

there was a special moment when I realized that I was your mom. it felt so good and right to start life with you. you were a sweet baby. you did however know what you wanted when you wanted and let me know.

you were a very good snuggler. most kids squirm and are hard to hold as they get older, but you are sweet and calm and loving.

today you are 4 years old. you still love to snuggle, and give me 30 hugs and kisses a day. it is wonderful.

sometimes I struggle, and you tell me that you forgive me. it makes me smile. there is a book called "Olivia" that ends with the mom putting her child (or in this story a pig) to bed and the mom says: "you really wear me out sometimes, but I forgive you" and Olivia replies: "I forgive you too" this makes me think of you.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

when you were born

Being pregnant with you was neat. you were full of life from the first time I felt you move. I remember feeling a connection with you and thinking it was odd. you used to roll somersaults, and try to stretch out all the way,and kick the same rib over and over again. you were always moving. you also liked to rake your hands against my stomach. being tickled from the inside is pretty weird. I always thought you were exploring. you were curious even then. after you were born, you did this same hand action on everything, mostly clothes and blankets.

It was a warm Monday morning. I woke up with contractions at about 3 AM. as they progressed I decided this was the real thing and ate because at the hospital they wont let you eat in labor. your due date was July 31. it was July 6 I was feeling very lucky.

while pregnant with you I was working as a housekeeper and they made me quit about a month before you were born, it was the middle of the summer HOT, and boring. and we had no air conditioning. so I spent a lot of time on the couch.

to pass the time I sat on an exercise ball and watched the movie "clue." we made it about a third through.

when we arrived at the hospital they checked me and I was not too far progressed. so they wanted to send me home. I said no.

the doctor broke my water to speed things up. then it got pretty bad and I decided I wanted an epidural because a nurse told me I had HOURS left probably at least 6.

so they put it in. and then dad went to the bathroom, and when he came out I was pushing.

so her "6" hours was more like 30 min. I had been in transition. (that's the worst part.)

all in all it took about 5 hrs in the hospital.

you were 7 lbs, 6 oz, and 20.5" long.

about 10 min after you were born you stretched as far as you could and spread your fingers and toes, and fell asleep like that. most babies are too scared even to stretch. it was so cute. you also could hold up your own head right away which is only normal with babies who wiggle like you did.

when the nurses from the nursery came to get you for something the nurse got exited and told me that they had been fighting for the chance to hold you that you were such a pretty baby.

you stole my heart instantly. you were such a happy quiet baby, and you slept really well after only a couple months.

I used to watch your cousin Eli while his mom worked. you two were always interacting.

I struggled at first to nurse you. we had a lot to learn. a friend who was a lactation consultant came to our house and helped. you were very patient. you did however not like the way they taught me to hold you. you fought and cried. when I discovered the truth I realized that you were a girl who did not like to be told what to do. you also did not want anything to touch your feet and you used to stretch them as far as they would go and spread your toes. this got pretty hard to do the bigger you got.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

babies today

Esther is in 1st grade this year. she is a very sweet girl both teachers she has had have told me that she is sweet, and a good friend and tries to include everyone. it makes me proud. I love how she creates. she is writing now which is fun. she loves to write stories in a composition notebook. they are about princesses mostly. Esther is an adventurer. she loves to play. she gets excited about everything it is very infectious. her and Dad are developing a special relationship because she is old enough to do things like ice skating, sledding, and she goes home teaching too.

Leah is so clever just this week she covered herself with a blanket and army crawled around. when I asked her what she was doing she said "I am an earth worm" Ruth joined in it was pretty neat. she also balled up a blanket and put it on her back and pretended to be a hermit crab. another thing she has been doing is to roll her toy dinosaurs into blankets and "hatch" them by sitting on them. she loves dinosaurs, and says funny things like "I am nocturnal that is why I get to stay up all night" apparently daddy is nocturnal too.

Ruth is talking quite a bit now. almost everything she says makes me laugh. it is just so cute. when she gets upset she likes to rant and point. it is so funny. no one seems to understand what she says but me and Esther and Leah, but it is pretty neat all the same she will be 2 soon. I am making her presents this week. she hates diaper changes and pants. and loves "stowies" and fixing my hair. she says "mommy you pitty"

the girls are all in wonderful phases right now. I am feeling so happy to have them.

christmas 2011

Esther is 6 and in 1st grade and very happy about it. she is sporting blue and green glasses now, and is working on a bunch of new teeth. her vision is improving steadily. she is getting better at reading and reads to her sisters especially Ruth who has quite the appetite for "stowies" Esther enjoys art, and displays it proudly for us all. I am impressed often by her kindness. she is a great example to me of being kind to everyone. her teachers are always expressing what a great thing that is in their classes because Esther tries hard to make sure no one is left out. she also adds a refreshing enthusiasm to daily life.

Leah is 4 and imaginative. she has "this how many cats"(holding up 5 fingers) and one dog. her cat is ofter responsible for all messes made, and rather influential to all of Leah's desires. she also has a best friend named flower, and attends "tiny school" which sounds like a pretty cool place to me. she has spent the year only wearing "curly dresses" that flip out when she spins, and has repeatedly cut her hair (and Ruth's) I blame the movie "Tangled" or as she calls it "twist tangled"

Ruth will be 2 in March. she is precocious. I learn often why the bathroom door should always be closed. the door sticks and Leah can't open it without help so it is a rather inconvenient arrangement. There was a pen that made its way into the inner workings of the toilet, and wreaked havoc at only inconvenient times. the end result was that Andy had to take the whole thing apart before the problem was resolved. she likes to "cyean" the bathroom by unrolling complete rolls of TP and dipping them in the toilet and washing everything with it. she also likes the fish tank, and any other unattended standing water. My laundry skills have been tested. She has tipped over the Christmas tree 4 times now and acts surprised every time. she also charms us daily with hilarious sentences. it is amazing what such a little girl can pick up. she is a very popular member of the family.

we are preparing for Christmas by working together to make gifts. it is fun to see creativity from unbridled minds. I like to provide supplies, and watch what happens.

at this time of year it is easier to remember Christ and his gifts to all of us. have a blessed Christmas and remember those who need it in your prayers.

sep 16 2008

Esther is 3 and very silly. she loves to sing and dance. we read mountains of books, and she loves music. she is learning letters, and numbers, and tons of other things. and just because you have not recived as picture does not mean she has not colored one for you. she colors new pictures for people every day.

leah is a bonifide walker now. she is a bit clumsy but very proud of herself. she turned 1 in July.
she loves to dance an has been saying some new words like Duck, mom, daddy, up, all done, and hi. she is very giggly, and lots of fun. she loves to be outside, and going on long walks in the stroller.