Wednesday, March 7, 2012

christmas 2011

Esther is 6 and in 1st grade and very happy about it. she is sporting blue and green glasses now, and is working on a bunch of new teeth. her vision is improving steadily. she is getting better at reading and reads to her sisters especially Ruth who has quite the appetite for "stowies" Esther enjoys art, and displays it proudly for us all. I am impressed often by her kindness. she is a great example to me of being kind to everyone. her teachers are always expressing what a great thing that is in their classes because Esther tries hard to make sure no one is left out. she also adds a refreshing enthusiasm to daily life.

Leah is 4 and imaginative. she has "this how many cats"(holding up 5 fingers) and one dog. her cat is ofter responsible for all messes made, and rather influential to all of Leah's desires. she also has a best friend named flower, and attends "tiny school" which sounds like a pretty cool place to me. she has spent the year only wearing "curly dresses" that flip out when she spins, and has repeatedly cut her hair (and Ruth's) I blame the movie "Tangled" or as she calls it "twist tangled"

Ruth will be 2 in March. she is precocious. I learn often why the bathroom door should always be closed. the door sticks and Leah can't open it without help so it is a rather inconvenient arrangement. There was a pen that made its way into the inner workings of the toilet, and wreaked havoc at only inconvenient times. the end result was that Andy had to take the whole thing apart before the problem was resolved. she likes to "cyean" the bathroom by unrolling complete rolls of TP and dipping them in the toilet and washing everything with it. she also likes the fish tank, and any other unattended standing water. My laundry skills have been tested. She has tipped over the Christmas tree 4 times now and acts surprised every time. she also charms us daily with hilarious sentences. it is amazing what such a little girl can pick up. she is a very popular member of the family.

we are preparing for Christmas by working together to make gifts. it is fun to see creativity from unbridled minds. I like to provide supplies, and watch what happens.

at this time of year it is easier to remember Christ and his gifts to all of us. have a blessed Christmas and remember those who need it in your prayers.

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