Wednesday, March 7, 2012

babies today

Esther is in 1st grade this year. she is a very sweet girl both teachers she has had have told me that she is sweet, and a good friend and tries to include everyone. it makes me proud. I love how she creates. she is writing now which is fun. she loves to write stories in a composition notebook. they are about princesses mostly. Esther is an adventurer. she loves to play. she gets excited about everything it is very infectious. her and Dad are developing a special relationship because she is old enough to do things like ice skating, sledding, and she goes home teaching too.

Leah is so clever just this week she covered herself with a blanket and army crawled around. when I asked her what she was doing she said "I am an earth worm" Ruth joined in it was pretty neat. she also balled up a blanket and put it on her back and pretended to be a hermit crab. another thing she has been doing is to roll her toy dinosaurs into blankets and "hatch" them by sitting on them. she loves dinosaurs, and says funny things like "I am nocturnal that is why I get to stay up all night" apparently daddy is nocturnal too.

Ruth is talking quite a bit now. almost everything she says makes me laugh. it is just so cute. when she gets upset she likes to rant and point. it is so funny. no one seems to understand what she says but me and Esther and Leah, but it is pretty neat all the same she will be 2 soon. I am making her presents this week. she hates diaper changes and pants. and loves "stowies" and fixing my hair. she says "mommy you pitty"

the girls are all in wonderful phases right now. I am feeling so happy to have them.

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