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babies and motivations

april 2 2010
New Baby

just a disclaimer: I am not much of a photographer, so pictures will be repeated.

so far this baby is great. she is my best eater yet. she has been sleeping really well, the last 2 nights she has only woken up once. (please let that continue) and she cries less than my other kids did too. which for those of you who remember Esther that is saying something. she is also incredibly patient when she is hungry, which is something of a miracle considering how much she loves to eat. and the two nights ago she accomplished a feat for the record books: she slept through getting her nose cleaned out. it is true it really happened, Andy was there. she does however have many woes whenever she gets a diaper change. but most importantly she is very sweet, and I am bamboozled.

all of these things are good because I have a low threshold for aggravations. My other 2 kids provide enough. which leads me to my post within a post.


Esther is a silly girl. she loves to laugh, and play (like a boy), and she never stops. she is a precocious girl who loves to create which usually leads to destroying. this is a mixed blessing.
every day Esther takes all the chairs, pillows, blankets, and all other large items in her reach and builds a fort. she has a few that she repeats sometimes. this morning it was "church" which looks remarkably like the primary room complete with microphone and stool for the kids giving talks. she also built a "house for the baby" this week which she put the baby in, hopefully that can be avoided in the future. she is very proud of her creations, and quite honestly they really are pretty cool. and I am sad to say that since I see them all the time, I have quit taking pictures.

Esther also is terribly destructive, no need to go into that. (that is why half of our house is barred and locked)

What motivates Esther is attention and being praised. she thrives on acknowledgement. she loves to be told how wonderful she is. she seeks attention in all it's forms. so this week she adopted telling me that she needs to puke (because the baby spits up) and expects me to respond to it 20 times a day. she also adopted pooing her pants a few months ago after over a year of no accidents this supplies her with all the positive and negative attention her little heart desires. I just hope she quits before she starts school. there is no need to fuel the fire of her classmates eager to bully. she is a pretty good girl, but she is rarely obedient if she does not have a good enough explanation of why she should do something.

so, she does what she wants, and expects praise for it. she is however easily entertained. so, all is not lost thank goodness for her vivid imagination.

Leah is motivated by making people happy. she is always asking if things make me happy. she needs lots of hugs, and snuggles whenever anything unpleasant happens. she is scared if anyone plays too rough, but she loves to dance to music, and play games where she is not being attacked in any way (this often leads to tears with Esther for a sister) Leah loves stories, and especially loves the pictures. and for some strange reason she climbs everything. she is the helper, and is also pretty obedient which is refreshing. she needs help getting dressed, going down our front steps, and just about everything else. she also sometimes wants me to feed her, which usually leads to gagging (I don't understand the appeal) she is sweet, but she has a very lusty screech whenever anything unjust happens to her.

this little one just wants me to love whatever she does...

Ruth is motivated by food.

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