Wednesday, March 7, 2012

june 13, 2009

Because of storage space (or rather the lack of) our 5 gallon bucket for pinto beans currently in use is in Esther's room. Unfortunately the lid is a pain to open, and close, so I sometimes don't try too hard. Needless to say the children exploit this oversight, and this week we have had some pinto bean adventures. first, Leah (at least Esther said it was Leah) put some in the fish tank. there they sat and swelled up creeeeeepy. Next Esther stuck one up her nose. I thought I saw a booger up there, so I went to get it out, and when looking a little closer I thought it looked like something else. so, we got out the tweezers, and picked at it until it was out. It is hard to say how long it was there because the bean was swollen and soft. she had complained of her nose hurting, I guess that explains it. in the end the softness aided in the removal, so it was a blessing in disguise. we had to irrigate her nose just to make sure there were no more. hopefully her nose stuffing career is over. in the end I guess we all learned a valuable lesson. I learned that I must close the lid on 5 gallon buckets, even if it means I have to open them again. Esther Learned that when it comes to noses things go out, and not in, Leah learned that if mom does not catch you, the punishment is less severe. and the fish learned that beans give you gas.

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