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Jan 21, 2011
my girls are cute.

here is some evidence:

Esther has a very unique style. I think being a kindergarten teacher must have some awesome perks. seeing the eye wrenching combinations the kids wear would be one of them. Esther continues to be a creative whirlwind. she loves to create and destroy. I actually took away all the toys and organized them. the kids get one group at a time. they have lots of creative things too like play dough. this has helped, at least their room is immensely easier to clean. school helps too. at least while she is there.... her eyes are getting a little better. the glasses seem to be helping. and she loves them because we let her get some that sparkle. Everyone admires them and she loves the attention.

Ruth has decided she is pretty much done with baby food. She has no teeth. this is a problem. if I try to feed her things cut up she spits it out so she can feed herself. I try to feed her table food when we eat, but sometimes I do things like cook with peanut oil... then I have to find alternatives. she rather likes rice made into tiny balls. (roll them with hands rinsed in cold water.) we also go through many baby snacks. and no I am not cool enough to make them myself.

Leah likes being in charge for half of the day. Esther is pretty bossy and it is a nice break. she has an imaginary school called "tiny school" tiny school has all the things Esther talks about having at school plus whatever else she wants including a host of imaginary friends. Leah is still not really pronouncing her "r"s and says some rather funny things at times. her favorite movies currently are "Mista Gwinch"(the Grinch who stole Christmas) and "Wallace and Vomit" (Wallace and grommet)

not going outside is hard. and boring. this week my house has gotten very clean.I will appreciate spring this year.
I keep sewing.
Andy and I have recently gotten into making Ukrainian is pretty fun. we are hoping to get good at it so we can give them as gifts. if you don't know what they are here is the online front of the store where we get our supplies. it is fun to have a project to do together.Andy has recently published a huge paper,and has another written, and in processing. so things are slowly progressing.

these are the girly dresses for family pictures. I used
this pattern, and shirred it like this on the top. leah's barrettes are here Esther's hair(little ones), and the flower on her belt are these I love them!!!!!!!
I have been making these for a few weeks now, a little at a time.

this is for Ruth's birthday. I gave it to her early because she is a baby and does not really care. here is the pattern or at least how to use one to make reversible pants. I made a pattern by using her illustrations and calculating dimensions to fit the baby. it worked out. the cuffs were a little beyond my skill but after an unpicking party, it got it to work. I LOVE the fabric. I used some more "fake money" I earned from surveys and bought some fabrics for upcoming projects. here is the whale fabric in another color than I have (it looks I got lucky and bought it right before they stopped selling it), and the stripes
I also appliqued a whale on a shirt. I was going to make a onesie (I learned to do that recently) but I don't have the right color in knit, and I can't spend any more real money on fabric for a while, or Andy may catch on...

we have been buying Schleich animals for a while. Target has them as well as a web site Andy is addicted to. we have been getting them periodically for birthdays, Christmas etc... this year we did the usual handful for Christmas,and then Andy decided we needed tons... he bought mostly dinosaurs and sea creatures. then he subjected the kids to every dinosaur movie and TV show he could find at the library, and on the internet. the girls now like dinosaurs and whales. and because we have tons now I made

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