Wednesday, March 7, 2012

march 3 2009

so I am sitting here all sweaty in my exercise outfit, with Leah doing acrobatics on my lap, and I noticed,that we smell faintly of poo. yes, poo. Esther decided to save me the trouble of rinsing her underwear when she had an accident by putting it in the machine for me. I was mostly done putting the load into the dryer when I noticed the offending stuff all over the washer.But I decided to ignore it, since it was not much, and now I am paying the price for laziness. It may not have been much, but the smell will be part of my wardrobe for a while I fear. we have had a month of poo. Esther has forgotten the finer points of using the toilet. I am not sure why, but it has been messy. mostly a litte here and a litte there, making a lot in the end. things seem to be turning around now, so I have hope for March.

Andy is working on a Doctoral Proposal be that he will be presenting for the final (and most important time) On friday. this pretty much determines our future, so he is pretty stressed out. I on the other hand think he is a genious, so I am not as worried as him. then again I am not giving a 2 hour presentation. He has been working on it day and night for the last while.

I am singing this week for a program for the pre-Easter time of year. I am singing with a Harp, something I have not done before. it is pretty cool. we are doing a program before the sermon, a number during, and a few numbers postlude. I chose the hymn "oh savior thou who wearest a crown" It is worderful. It has Mormon Lyrics. I am thrusting mormon doctrine on unsuspecting audience members moo-haha. I figure my voice is a gift from God, so I might as well do his work. I have also been asked to sing with a quartet for a wedding this month, so I am finding use for my vocal training.

On the subject of music, I am trying to learn the piano. I can play 1 hymn really slow so far. I am giving it am honest effort. I decided my lame excusses for not being a piano player were becoming worn out. And since we own a piano it is even convinient. It is becoming easier,and I have mostly convinced the kids that when I play they can't, so my practicing is getting more productive.

well my moment of computer freedom is over. I need to change Leah she just pooed.

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