Wednesday, March 7, 2012

feb 8,2010

A couple months ago I had an early church meeting, and Andy had to get the kids ready for church. out of kindness, or laziness he let Esther dress Leah. it was.... creative. I teased Andy about it, and then in my piousness resolved that if I wanted Andy's help in the future I needed to be nice about how he does things Even if it is different than my methods. but there are some things I think I should just do myself.

Andy is a smart guy. that is why he is the one earning a PHD. but sometimes his y chromosome is too much for him.

these are the shoes she wore to church. both black=pair right?

and this is what Andy put her in for bed. I laughed until I cried. so much for that resolution.

my new resolution is that if it's funny I will laugh even at Andy's expense. good thing he has a sense of humor.

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