Wednesday, March 7, 2012

feb 17, 2010 least they would be if we had hills.

Esther LOVES to sing!!!! I could not be happier. the last 4 days in a row she has requested Julie Andrews (thanks Muppet show) today it was Mary Poppins, and the previous 3 it was "the sound of music" (her idea not mine) what a kid.

On Sunday she made my day by joining us in true primary fashion (really loud) on "families can be together forever" in sacrament meeting. Someone I don't even know came up to me to tell me it was the cutest thing they had ever heard.

I have to say my years of indoctrination are finally paying off. I hope she becomes comfortable with music (something I am still working on) I want her to feel like she can sing and make noise in her own way.

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