Wednesday, March 7, 2012


jan 11, 2010

poor computer
first, our computer got a virus... again. it was sad. we ended up having a friend fix it, and he also recovered everything from our old computer, so it all worked out. he then made a security system out of our old computer so we have a lynyx security system now. cool. our old computer filters everything. and the best part it was free. don't ask me how he did it I don't know. so we are back in business. and in the end we are better off than before.

Fishy Heaven
another sad (kinda) story... we had a fish die that we have had a couple years. we bought him a friend, and the friend was sick. go figure. his friend killed him. RIP Napoleon (we have a dictator themed fish tank) oh well he was only a couple bucks anyway. however our fish tank was boring, so I bought another one just like him.
Esther, when I was giving Napoleon his final send off made the comment that he would be sad that he died, and I told her that he will be happier now. she then said she was happy that he gets to go to "fishy heaven, and then he will be resurrected, and then he can be with us forever." I guess she is listening even if she can't hold still.

Fun as a Family
here are some pics. of evenings at our house. Andy (who is crazy) rides his bike in all kinds of weather. it is 5 miles one way, and he just adds to his pile of clothing depending on the forecast. the frost is normal, he even gets ice-cycles on his eyelashes sometimes.

after arriving home starving Andy downs ridiculous volumes of food, then he chills on the couch a while. and Leah claims her spot. Esther usually sits at his feet.

Bad Boys
and finally one day we got a reggae Cd from the library and it had this song on it. we had lots of fun jammin' Jamaican style. I did not get a good video of Esther, but she had fun too. here she is taking a picture of herself notice her crossed eye, that is why she wears glasses (at least when we can keep them on).

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