Wednesday, March 7, 2012


feb, 8 2011
Ruth is in the cutest baby phase ever. I Love 10-15 months or so. Babies change really quickly, and are so funny at that age. I have been trying to catch my favorites. I got some of them.

I have started feeding her diced veggies. she eats the green stuff first, the corn second and the carrots last. the first time I thought I imagined it, but she does it every time. I had no clue 10 month olds were so discerning.

last weekend Andy disappeared for 5 hours and came back with an odd assortment of projects. this is the sled he made from 3$ cross country skis. more to come.
Ruth has to be part of things. if I am playing piano, sewing, or at the computer, she crawls under the chair and gets stuck, and whines until I pick her up. she follows me all over the house. mostly it is pretty nice to have a baby smiling at me, but I hope she learns soon that she can't in fact crawl through things.

Ruth is an aspiring brass player

it was a toss up between this an a video of her tapping her foot back and forth to the beat. when she dances she likes to wave one arm violently. I missed it, but this is pretty cute too. Ruth will dance to anything even mildly rhythmic. Esther loves to get her going.

this is her curling her tongue this is what she does whenever anyone makes her happy. she does this whenever Daddy comes home.
Ruth is a night owl she stays up until about 11 every night. it is hard on me. she is cute even then
I love my happy little girl.

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