Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Esther started school the day after labor day.

in honor of that auspicious occasion we made "the Enormous crocodile" which is a Rhoald Dahl short story. it was basically an egg salad sandwich. in the end it was too salty and only I would eat it. oh well it looked cool.

Esther's bedroom is now wallpapered in schoolwork she atached with stickers and pirated sticky notes.

this is a family Esther made of torn paper. I was pretty proud of her coming up with this she is pretty clever.

Leah has decided that she will only wear "curly dresses" dresses that flip out when she spins.that means frequent laundry or fits that reoccur all day. we only have a few of these wonderful dresses.....

Ruth likes food. here is her stealing the spoon. she was pretty proud of herself.

she spends a lot of time in her exersaucer,

and here is her trying to eat Esther's shoe

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