Wednesday, March 7, 2012

some snippets from the other blog

oct.25 2012

the kids are funny as usual. Leah cut her hair yesterday. she looks awesome. Ruth is a terror, and plays in the fish tank, and toilet and dirty dish water. so we keep all the doors closed. Leah can't open the bathroom door, so that is rather inconvenient. Ruth also talks all the time an 18 month talking in sentences is very cute. I love it!

Esther is reading pretty well. that is fun too. she even reads to the baby which is nice for me because if Ruth had her way I would read to her all day.

aug 19, 2011
Esther lost her 1st tooth. it got lost in my parents shag carpet. twice. the first time I found it, the next, it was gone. she told the tooth fairy where to find it in a note. it was rather thrilling for her.

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