Wednesday, March 7, 2012

dec 7 2008

Esther was the life of the party. There were a few other kids there, but Esther was the oldest. She entertained everyone with a rousing rendition of "Benny and the Jets" thank you Muppet show. what a character she is. Leah is learning new words all the time her latest is: "BUH-nana" We are looking forward to Christmas this year. We already started using some of our presents. It is hard to save everything when you need (want) it now. Esther is "writing" now. she scribbles up and down and tells us what it reads. She added her name to a sign up sheet yesterday. Esther is joining primary in January weird. Leah will be old enough for Nursery in January as well, so I may actually learn something in class. and best of all I will no longer dread running out of snacks half way through church. Now that she is almost a real kid I guess I need to Quit calling her "baby Leah."

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