Wednesday, March 7, 2012


July 31,2009
Here we are at the walker art center sculpture garden what we are sitting on is "art" it looks suspiciously like a bench to me.

Leah is now "one, Two!" she is very proud of it. she has conceded that animals say more than meow, but she is incredulous that their are more numbers than one and two. I guess she will know the truth some day.

Esther is now 4 she is working on letter recognision she is very exited whenever she sees no parking signs, and stop signs which are octogons, not cicles. this is a picture of her "blowing up" the candles.

this is where Andy works!!! it is a pretty cool building (at least on the outside) it was built in 1913. the University of MN is one of the premeir chemistry departments in the country. Andy is under a prof. who has won a great many awards, and he seems to enjoy it. He is doing "bio-inorganic" chemistry. if you really want to know he can tell you better, a couple of years teaching have made him pretty good at explaining things.

I require no update, my life is pretty boring.

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