Wednesday, March 7, 2012

dec.17 2010

Ruth is a pretty good crawler now. she also has an uncanny way of making noises that sound like talking. I think she will be an early talker she is already pretty good at imitating sounds. she lives in a constant state of euphoria. she is so funny. she loves life, and is currently leaning over the heater vent getting excited that it is blowing her hair. she waves and says "bu by" and "bu by dada", and just figured out how to clap which makes her so excited each time she does it that she screaches in delight. we admire how adorible she is every day.

Leah has an imaginary friend named mickey mouse. Mickey mouse is very concerned for her welfare. he often thinks she needs bandaids, and candy,and other favorite things. Micky mouse has also had baths (he uses a ridiculous amount of soap because he really likes bubbles). she has been really into fantasia 2000 lately. I think that is where Micky mouse snuck into our home from.

Esther loves school. we recently had A huge blizzard. Esther was dreading that School would be canceled. it was not. Apparently in this school district the school practically has to burn down for that to happen. she has it in her head that she needs a project every 5 seconds and that is a pretty tall order for me. she has a friend named Morgan who she talks about all the time. one day Morgan called and wanted to talk. it was so funny. Esther spent half the conversation talking about Morgan because she did not understand that it was her. I am not sure why she was confused but it was funny. the best part was that it did not embarrass her at all. I spend way too much of my life embarrassed.

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