Wednesday, March 7, 2012

new vision

may 2010
Esther and Andy are now sporting some new glasses.

I like this one, Esther loves to be silly. here she is after stealing daddy's hat. I am no good at taking pictures, but I have a cute family (if i do say so myself) so that makes up for it a little. Ruth is in there just for fun.

Esther and Ruth.

we chose some large-ish frames so she could not look over them. they fit wonderfully, and do not slide down her nose (like the last ones). and I can already see that her vision is improving. hooray!

I also like Andy's these are his no-frame ones. I like them, but they are more visible in person. I think it makes him look sophisticated. I may have to work to get him to wear them all the time. Husbands are like children sometimes...

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