Wednesday, March 7, 2012

may 2009

I was reflecting on all of the funny things that kids say.

when Esther was small she had a disconcerting way of combining the words "duck" and "frog". this led to a few rather embarrassing experiences in the store, and in baths with friends kids. the problem was that even with my best efforts she inevitably got people to laugh, so it took her a while to straighten that one out.

Esther in defence of boredom has adopted the habit of talking to herself. I frequently get useful incites of the inner working of her mind. Mostly it is just funny. she usually creates an invisible friend, and carries on both sides of the conversation. sometimes one is "mommy" and I have more than once made the mistake of replying to which I am always rebuffed "you are not mommy."

this week our neighbor was planting flowers in the wind and Esther Joyously proclaimed "the flowers are blowing up!" she has quite the concept of the world around her. the other day we went to the dentist and I asked her if she liked the dentist and with a wrinkled nose she replied "not really." I then proceeded to explain to her that going to the dentist is good for us, and helps keep us healthy. to which she replied "I just don't think that could be true." maybe she is right.

Leah has a rather limited vocabulary. She has decided that to simplify life she would refer to all small animals as "meow" (she does not bother to distinguish between what they are called and what they say) and all large animals say "moo" and occasionally "neigh" this is especially silly since we live next to 2 lakes and ducks and geese visit us every day. I have however convinced her that our pet birds are not meows, but in defiance she will only do the sign for bird, words are apparently not fit for animals.

about a month ago we went to the grocery store and when in the checkout I heard horrible feedback followed by "hi", and 1.5 year old turkey noises. Leah apparently decided that everyone shopping that day needed to learn to be turkeys, so she taught them how on the loud speaker. in her defence the receiver was shaped like a phone. what kid can resist that?

at a recent orchestra concert the director announced the song and said something along the lines of "I think we should get started now" and Leah declared "NO!" in agonised tones.

I also remember one day when I put Leah to bed when she surprised me by saying "I yove you" it was before she could even really talk. I guess it was her first sentence, and she said it with a smile.

Esther was never much of a No-er she preferred simply showing her defiance. she did however pick up "yep" which is about the cutest thing a one year old can say.

So, even though they declare all of the bad things mommy says, or does to anyone who will listen, and swear at unsuspecting store goers, and show poor concert etiquette from an early age, they are our kids and we love them.

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