Wednesday, March 7, 2012

july 5, 2010 e's b-day

Esther is 5 (tomorrow) We celebrated today, and will finish tomorrow on her real birthday. today we got together with My cousins Robert and Justin and Robert's wife and kids

Leah's birthday is next week, and I let the girls have these dresses early for church. this is after a day of wearing them so the kids have the customary layer of filth, and disheveled hair, but you get the idea. the back of Leah's is an attempt at correcting making it too small. Here is where I got the idea. the best part is I used scraps so it was free (:
playing on the beach before cousins arrive.

tryin' her out

Ruth got hot so we stripped her then things were much better.

Esther snitched most of the candles, and we only had 2 left. andy lit them multiple times to equal 5 I am sad I missed it with the camera. the cake is supposed to be a cherry (use your imagination) it was pretty tasty with a chocolate coating, and cherry flavored cake it is however rather wonky. good thing she is 5

this is a bag I made I let the kids pick their own fabric here is the pattern( Leah is getting one too (shhh it's a surprise) Esther will get it tomorrow also some squirt guns.

Esther was born on a Tuesday it was a nice day, and I started labor in the middle of the night. we watched about 1/3 of the movie "Clue" and then headed to the hospital where they tried to send me home. I said I would not leave I had her about 4 hours later. sometimes it is good to be right. she was so pretty even after being born I think she was my prettiest newborn. she got a cute little bow on her head an I was very happy. she is so much fun (if lots of trouble) Esther loves to play, and play hard. she is also the smart one. I look forward to seeing here grow up more. she will start School in the fall.

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