Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Oct 30, 2009
sorry no pics. today. we still have no camera, and the old pic's have not all been recovered from the broken computer (see the last post) so to prevent the few pics I have from becoming stock photos I am just foregoing it today.
Esther loves to sing she runs around singing all day...
sometimes her lyrics are creative.
the real song: my heart is leaping inside meee....
Esther's version: my heart is bleeding inside meeee....
the real song:...h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o,p
Esther's version:...h,i,j,k,lemon,n,o,p

Leah categorizes all princess/barbie anything as Ariel. which incidentally she has never seen, and we do not own. she calls "Beauty and the Beast" "Ariel Beast". and we have many "Ariel movies"

Leah refuses to get dressed this morning (I have not bothered to wrestle her yet, I am waiting until the library is closer to opening) because she does not have a pink shirt with a kitty on it.

Esther and Leah not to be outdone by mom have decided that Leah has a baby in her tummy and Esther has a kitty in hers.

the other day Esther came to me and said "mom you are a square" if only she really knew...

sometimes I try to explain the truth to them, or correct their english, but is it really worth it? they will know the truth someday...

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