Wednesday, March 7, 2012

ruth turns 1

Ruth turned 1 on Saturday. we had a lazy day. mostly because I have been sick this weekend. I know know what all the hype is about tonsillitis (I diagnosed myself, but I am pretty sure) it is pretty nasty. hopefully I never get it again.

I made her some little things but due to a lack of will power she had no presents to open on her B-day. she seemed happy to be the center of attention anyway.

the cake was a fortuitous fiasco. I was going to get a free cake from a local store, but a manager with too much power and desire to flex it made it too inconvenient for me to bother. so, Ruth's cake became everyone's cake. and the balloons I meant to put on it did not end up happening because I was making ice cream (raspberry sherbet)and asked Andy to help and he decided to do a spider web... and in the end the older girls decorated it too. and I may have to do that again because they loved it.

when it came time to blow out the candle everyone tried to show Ruth how to do it. Andy even bragged he could do it from across the room. and after a group effort it went out after a while and we tried to take the cake to cut it and Ruth got mad. Andy gave her the candle and then she was happy again.

after she was given her slice she stuck the candle in it. Esther gave Ruth her Balloon. Ruth used it as a punching bag.

After a bath Ruth has "crazy hair" as Esther calls it.

the snow here does not melt between storms. it gets deep after a while. the drifts are even deeper.

we made valentines they were fun.

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