Wednesday, March 7, 2012

march 16 2009

The snow is almost gone! we Just have Ice skating rinks on our lawn where our 7 inches of snow melted and then froze again. I will never wonder why our lawn is so uneaven again.

I had a concert yesturday, I was not really ready for it but it was fun to make music anyway. Andy gave his final doctoral proposal today. I need to call him and see how it went. he has been practicing all week, and Esther I am ashamed to say made a better audiece since I fell asleep every time, and she liked the pictures.

I wish it were spring. I used to make a string of blossoms for my hair each Easter when I was younger. now I guess I can settle for the ground being brown, and no longer having to risk wet clothes from slipping and falling. the spring comes late here.

I found this funny. A group of us went to the zoo, (since it was above 30 WOW) and they did a news story on how warm it was. and I was on the Minneapolis news for about 2 seconds. here is the link: the little video thing is on the right, and it is the first one that loads. Esther is right behind the stroller of the girl talking, and leah is in a hiking backpack. when the news person first approched us she asked if the group I was with were a daycare. there were a lot of kids, but I didn't think much of it. there was also a story time and Esther was brought to the front and got to be a princess. that was the first time Leah has been to the zoo, (at least that she was not a baby) and she learned a new word: "see". see is now how she begins most of the things she says. we were all a little embarrased since our kids were dirty, and we were all pretty frumpy, and the girl in the interview said "if I knew I was going to be on tv I would have taken a shower." oh well.

we bought a bird feeder for our yard. since there are so many trees here the birds are all over, and we thought they would be easier to admire in our yard. so far Esther is the only one who has seen any eating form it, but the birds are not really back from their migrations yet.

we also got a big bird cage, it is brass, and very pretty. Our neihbor breeds parakeets, and said we could have some for free. so we have yet to buy birds, people seem to think we make good bird people and are always giving them to us. now Salmonella (our bird) will no longer be by herself.

have a great spring everyone! and I can only dream of popcorn popping on the apricot tree since we have none.

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