Wednesday, March 7, 2012

kids converse

june 17, 2009
we walked to the store today. it is muggy, and I cannot decide if I want to call it hot. It was our usual trip to the store for weekly deals. on the way home as we were walking we saw a runner and Leah got really excited and started saying "meow, Meow, meow" and Esther declared "that's not a cat it's a person running." to which Leah replied "run, run run."

we have been observing the wild life in our yard, we frequently have birds of may kinds, squirrels, bunnies and sometimes turtles (painted and snapping) the kids love them. Esther has been learning to identify them. Leah is still hard to convince that they are anything but "Meow." Our walk this morning was the first time I have heard her call a person "meow." I guess she is digressing.

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