Wednesday, March 7, 2012

the ring

The ring was found. I spent tons of hours on the phone and narrowed down where to look, and in the end one of Esther's classmates found it pretty close to where it had been described as being lost.
Because I have noncomplying skin, the water etc.. that gets trapped under my ring gives me a rather severe eczema. because of that I remove my ring often to keep it from showing up. so, I need a new place to keep it. I am thinking I will get a Japanese puzzle box and find a really high and hard to get to place. just in case she did not learn her lesson. I figure a box is both harder to steal, and easier to find. and if she can't open it, hopefully the ring will be safe. I also hope this has been a turning point in a long stream of thievery and destruction.I had a long talk with her after imprisoning her in the bathroom for 8 hrs with only veggies for company (that was before the ring was found). I think she actually listened. I also hope she understands that the world is not after all her oyster. and I am pretty sure she will never live this one down.
feb, 3 2011
Esther has very sticky fingers. she has stolen from the store a few times, and I have made her apologize, pay, etc... nothing works. she loves to steal from me. I have to keep my bedroom, the sewing room/baby's room, and a number of closets locked. it is not for the baby, or the three year old that I go to these great lengths. it is Esther who is 5 1/2 years old and apparently cant help herself. Today she took it to a new level. this morning under the guise of getting dressed for school she stole my wedding ring (which she had to climb a very tall dresser to get) and brought it to school, and left it there. she said it was in a play area. perfect where every other student can steal it. I guess I will never see it again. I think I might call everyone in the class before I give up completely. she is going to spend the rest of the day in the bathroom. she has not had lunch, I may not give her anything but veggies for dinner. and dad might have to contribute something as well. I am hoping at some point she will respond to discipline, because so far it does not make a dent. I hope also that the bathroom is still functional when she is done with it. she is rather hard on things.

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