Wednesday, March 7, 2012


june 8 2009

whew, so we had quite a day today. We went to the Children's museum. it is a 5 story building with the coolest things ever. the whole thing is a giant play area, they have places to paint, make mosaics, hear stories, and all kids of other stuff. everything is made to touch. my kids loved it. unfortunately I forgot the camera.

Esther had to get glasses. we noticed a few months ago that she would go cross eyed whenever she tried to look at anything close up. so, we took her to the optometrist, and the said come back in 6 months, and we made it only about 2 when Esther started pulling a chair to the middle of the room to watch TV, and acting like she had a head ache, so I went back, and we got glasses, it took a few phone calls to find anywhere that would take our insurance, and in the end their was only one pair of frames to choose from, they are pink, good thing she is a girl. I could go into a tirade about insurance and stinking commercial doctors, but in the end we payed nothing so I will save my breath, after all, beggars can't be choosers.

we got a free grill this weekend Andy's boss gave it to us,I love grilled food so it made me happy. the only problem is, that Andy has decided it is a man's job to do the grilling and has practically banned me from it, oh , well I guess when the novelty wears off he won't care any more. besides, if it helps me get out of cooking sometimes, I won't fight the system.

Our Orchestra held a benefit concert recently where there was a silent auction. in the end there were a few things left over. Our orchestra held another auction to get rid of them. I decided to be funny and I bid 2$ for a trip to the acupuncturist. the problem Is I won, so I guess I have to go since I am not one to waste 2$. I guess it might be cool. lots of people like that sort of thing right?

Leah has updated her animal vocabulary. she now acknowledges that dogs bark. she does however sound like one of those annoying lap dogs that people in Hollywood carry around in their handbags, but hey it is better than meow.she had been talking more and more she adds words every day. at this rate she will know more words than me in a year.

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